Girls Club Nationals will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The 2019 NIT Club committee has announced that the Third annual Girls High School Club Rugby National Championship ( will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah. May 17-18.

Utah Youth Rugby

Division I

2018 Champions, United

United Website!

2nd Place, Northbay

Northbay Website!

3rd Place, Southbay

Southbay Website!

4th Place, Morris Girls Rugby

Morris Website!

5th Place, Belmont Shore

Belmont Shore Website!

5th Place, PA United

PA United Website!

5th Place, West End

West End Website!

6th Place, Danville Lady Oaks

Danville Website!

7th Place, Brunswick

Brunswick Website!

8th Place, KC United

KC United Website!

So why has the Championship split?

Taken from Goff Report

The National High School Girls Invitational Championship is following the boys’ lead, and dividing along club and single-school lines for 2016. The effort is being driven by Divine Savior Holy Angels coach John Klein and Catholic Memorial coach John Waliszewski, who are founding members of the invitational’s management group, the National Girls Coaches Committee (NGCC).

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